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Transforming The Way Business Does Business We are excited to announce the launch of ProcureHub, a B2B Services Marketplace with the mission to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. The inspiration for this platform arose from our founder, Jill Button’s, struggles as an entrepreneur spending endless hours scouring the internet and asking for referrals to find suppliers to help her with various services, such as accounting, website development, and customer acquisition. To grow sales, she laments wasting precious time and money on networking and paid lead generation companies that failed to deliver on their promises. The Aha Moment! Drawing on her extensive procurement expertise, spanning over 35 years, Jill recognized the need for a more efficient and effective way to connect SMB buyers and suppliers online. With the pandemic, the traditional sales cycle has forever changed the way B2B Buyers and Sellers connect and transact. Buyers want to complete the entire buying process online in a fast, simplified and secure way from researching engaging, and transacting. Business leaders and entrepreneurs want to emulate the experience they enjoy as a consumer on platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Jiffy OnDemand for home services. Many businesses are already augmenting their existing eCommerce sites to include a marketplace such as Walmart and Best Buy. One-Stop-Shop for Small and Medium Business Services By leveraging trusted, verified suppliers, ProcureHub enables SMB buyers to say goodbye to wasted hours scouring the internet for the right supplier. Our marketplace saves you time and money by providing a one-stop-shop for all your back-office needs. You can easily search for suppliers using our enhanced search and filter functions, enabling you to easily find and compare services, read customer reviews, broadcast a request for quotes and connect with pre-qualified suppliers who are ready to help you grow your business." Once you've found the right supplier, our easy checkout process allows you to complete your purchase quickly and securely. Trusted Suppliers For suppliers, our platform is a great way to showcase your services to a wide range of customers. You don't need to build an expensive e-commerce site, waste time attending endless networking events or paying for leads that go now where. Our enhanced functionality allows you to List and sell your services online. You can also access and respond to Requests for Quote and get connected to verified customers who are ready to buy. As a Supplier, you don't pay until you've actually made a sale through our Gainshare model Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Jill's ultimate vision is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides entrepreneurs with access to a variety of essential back-office services, including Accounting, Telecom, IT Support, HR, Recruiting, Marketing, Legal, Software, business banking, startup consulting and funding, executive coaching, and eventually equipment and supplies. The list of services will grow and expand overtime as the needs arise and become more sophisticated.

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Connect with trusted suppliers for the best selection of products and services at great prices all from one convenient and secure online Marketplace. No more wasted time and money!

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Search and partner with vetted suppliers to grow your own business or post an RFP and have suppliers come to you.

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Leave reviews for the businesses you have worked for and benefit from the reviews of your peers.

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We make it easy for you to run a business from securing a new client to hire your next business advisors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to not just survive but thrive, by transforming the way business does business, helping them beat the odds and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. For more information about our Founder and Team: