I'm a start up with no customer references - can I sell my services on ProcureHub?

What can I buy or sell on ProcureHub?

Verified Suppliers may sell business to business services (B2B) on ProcureHub. Typical back-office services such as those listed may be sold, however, we will be continuously expanding the categories and services sold on the marketplace so if you do not see a service you would like to buy or sell, please contact us through the Contact Us form. We are always looking for feedback!

Absolutely! You are not limited to be just a customer or supplier. You can sell your services on ProcureHub and buy services from other suppliers to help grow your business.

Yes, however, you never have to pay until you have actually sold a service. We call it a Gain Share. Unlike other sites, you are never charged for junk leads that go no where. When a customer buys a service, you will be charged a 10% Gains Share fee at checkout.

Yes, when a customer buys a service, they are charged a Booking Fee of 3% at checkout.

Yes, currently all transactions are done using a credit card. We are adding EFT to the site however it is still in testing.

Yes. In order to ensure only duly registered businesses become users, both customers and suppliers MUST have a BIN number.

Yes. Like a BIN, In order to ensure only duly registered businesses become users, both customers and suppliers MUST have a Sales Tax number such as a GST/HST number.

Yes. We are currently in the initial stages of launching ProcureHub, called a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in order to test the viability and scalability of the marketplace. For this reason and for tax purposes, we have purposely constrained the location of the launch to the GTA.

Yes, once we have successfully launched and worked out all the kinks, we will be expanding across Canada and the United States in 2024 and eventually globally. If you are interested in becoming a customer or supplier outside of the GTA, please send us a message through the Contact Us page and let us know more about you, your services and location.

We purposefully have limited the marketplace to services only, however, in subsequent phases, we will be bringing on physical products and will be partnering with suppliers.

If you can't find a category, we would be happy to add additional categories that fit your services. Send us a note through the Contact Us page and tell us more about the category and sub-categories you would like to sell.

Only verified and qualified suppliers are allowed to sell on ProcureHub. We have leveraged our over 35 plus years in Procurement and Supplier Management to ensure only the best suppliers become authorized to sell their services on ProcureHub. Sorry but we are NOT a match making or networking service.

Yes, however, we are not a Freelancing marketplace. We are focused on SMB businesses that are growing and who have at least 2 plus employees. There are other Freelancing sites that focus on Freelancers that may be better suited for you to sell your services.

As with suppliers, customers must also be verified. We want to ensure the best experience for our suppliers. They are SMB businesses as well and it costs them time and money to list and sell their services. We want all customers to be 100% verified and follow stringent best practices, similar to supplier verification to ensure only legitimate customers are shopping on ProcureHub.

To cancel a service please go into your Dashboard -> Orders. Find the specific order and change the status to Cancelled. Please leave a comment in the note section as to why the service is being cancelled. Also ensure you communicate with the Supplier/Customer prior to cancelling the order. Once cancelled the Admin team at ProcureHub will ensure the transaction is reversed less any booking fees.

You always have the option of canceling your order, leaving a review and of course advising the ProcureHub Admin team through Contact Us. It's important that we have qualified Suppliers on the site, so please advise us of any issues.

The Request for Proposal functionality can be used when you have a more complex need for a service or the service you require is not available on the Marketplace. It allows you to detail exactly what you need, your budget and when/where you require the service. You can then receive bids or quotes from multiple suppliers to compare and select from. You can also choose whether or not the Request is Public or Private on the site. If you choose Public then any Supplier with services in the same category you have indicated in your request will see and be able to respond to your Request. If you choose Private then you will be prompted to select which Suppliers you'd like to send the request too. You will also have the ability to share the request to Social or via email with Suppliers outside of the Marketplace!

Please contact ProcureHub Admins through the Contact Us form and advise of the issue with the review and we will investigate. Only an Admin can remove a review.

No. When setting up your services you can indicate how and where you offer your services. You can offer your services in person, virtually or both!

At this time, discounts through the site are not available. We will advise once this becomes available.

You must have a Stripe Account set up in order to receive payments. Customers will check out using their credit card of choice and the funds will be sent to your Stripe Account. Stripe will then deposit those funds into the Bank Account that you have connected to your Stripe Account. You can sign up for a Stripe Account here: https://stripe.com/en-ca

You can view User Guides here: http://www.procurepro.ca/resource-centre/#procurehub-support If you still require help please contact the ProcureHub Admins through the Contact Us Page for guidance. If you'd like all of your services set up by the ProcureHub team please reach out, this can be done for a nominal charge.

No. ProcureHub services are searchable and visible to the general public. Only verified customers are allow to see and transact for services on ProcureHub. We ask all suppliers to only use pictures with non-identifiable information for their service listings.

Unfortunately if a supplier (of any size) does not have any client references we cannot verify them. We need to ensure that all suppliers on the marketplace are registered businesses who have experience providing the services they offer. Our rigorous verification process is what makes our marketplace stand out from others. You can however always become a customer on ProcureHub and when you gain more experience and references submit a verification form to sell on the Marketplace.